Wang Li - Chairman & Managing Director
Having equipped with First Class Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Wang knows the inside & outside secret of making a business successful. However, Wang’s success is never by opportunity but pure hard work and great business acumen. He had a modest beginning as a Sales Executive with multinational electronics company in Beijing, China and was promoted to Sales Manager within a short span of 6 months. But this little achievement didn’t stop Wang from pursuing his bigger dream. He made a courageous move by quitting his stable job in the MNC and took up a franchise business from Taiwan, a highly popular coffee chain and set up his first café in Beijing. While the café was a success, Wang continued to pursue a bigger venture in Malaysia. In 2005, together with co-founder Yap Yann Fang, they set up the 1st Bizzy Body beauty centre in Klang. Within 4 years, Bizzy Body has become one of the leaders in the slimming and beauty industry in Malaysia with a total of 17 centres and subsequently, created Facial First, a premium facial specialist in professional skin treatment with 3 centres. With such a great commander on board, one would wonder what will the next big things going to happen with Wyann International.
Yap Yann Fang - Chief Operating Officer
A beauty herself, Yann Fang has always been consistent with making herself looking at her best and making everyone around her feels good too. Yann Fang has a great passion in beauty, hence venturing into the aesthetics industry seems like the most natural thing to do and she found her true calling to this industry more than a decade ago. A graduate in Business Administrations, this gives her an edge in making Bizzy Body a success and taking it to another level by steering the beauty centres to unique approaches like none other. A people-centric person, Yann Fang believes that business must be nurtured with consistency and passion. Therefore, she strongly advocates consistent training and counseling for the staff in a friendly and delighting atmosphere. Yann Fang lives by the belief that if one is truly passionate about achieving a dream, then the sky is the limit.
Olivia Tam - Assistant General Manager, Group Operations
Olivia comes from a background of various big names in the aesthetics industry within the region. With more than 14 years of invaluable skills and knowledge in sales & operations, she understands the needs and wants of majority women today, almost thoroughly. Although Olivia has been in the aesthetics industry for a long time, she remains consistent in helping everyone achieving their ideal beauty target and further nurtures their confidence shine from within. Olivia is truly a petite girl that comes with a big package.To cultivate the culture of self-loving to our clients, that beauty is a right and everyone is worth it.
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