Skin Nutrition, a trusted brand leading the way in bio-active skin care, anti-aging, age reversal and skin rejuvenation, is spreading its wings to elevate cosmetology standards to a whole new level in Asia. The partnership between Wyann International & Skin Nutrition Int. Inc was established on 27 May with the announcement on the joint ownership of the company leading to Wyann Internationalís distribution rights throughout Asia.
Skin Nutritionís products are cutting edge, technologically superior, and deliver clinically proven results, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety for the end user.
Skin Nutrition products are designed to work synergistically with our body's natural biological processes and not only mimics our cells, but stimulates the body to naturally produce new cells, by increasing the synthesis of collagen and elastin, inhibiting pigmentation disorders, and increasing oxygen respiration in the skin.
Skin Nutrition products are available at all Bizzy Body and Facial First outlets in Malaysia and Singapore. Skin Nutrition brand will soon establish presence throughout other Asian countries like China, Hong Kong and Middle East.
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